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Graphic Audio Review: Boneshaker


You’re in your truck, with miles and miles to go. You’re tired of the same old audio book you’ve been listening to for the past few nights. What do you do? Download the GraphicAudio Access app and hear more than a story. You hear the environment, the individual characters (each of their voices and emotions) you are part of the story.

Clockwork Century: Boneshaker

Early on in the Civil War, rumors spread like wild fire of there being gold in the Pacific Northwest. These rumors brought hordes of newcomers to the area, including Russian inventor Leviticus Blue. Dr. Blue was hired to invent a machine that was able to tunnel through the hardened ice of Alaska. Thus the Boneshaker was made.

During the first test of the Boneshaker, things went horribly wrong. Several several blocks of downtown Seattle were destroyed, unearthing an underground vein of blight gas that turns anyone who breathes it into the living dead.

Sixteen years later, Dr. Blues’ son, Ezekiel travels back into the now blocked off city to re-write history. The story follows him through his encounters with the undead, air pirates, criminal overlords, and heavily armed refuges.

Written by Cherie Priest and Directed by Colleen Delany, Clockwork Century: Boneshaker belongs to a series that is sure to catch your attention.

The 6 series installments include:
Ep 1: Boneshaker
Ep 2: Dreadnought
Ep 3: Ganymede
Ep 4: The Inexplicable’s
Ep 5: Fiddlehead
Ep 6: Tanglefoot

You can find the entire Clockwork Century Series, available on Graphic Audio, here.

Here are some reviews of Clockwork Century: Boneshaker

“An absolutely stunning start to a new legendary series. The audio production is amazing. You will never regret giving this a try” – Daniel

“Had a long road trip ahead of me, and while making a pit stop at a truck stop picked this up. At first I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but the longer I listened the more engrossed by the story I became.” – John

“It’s a great mixture of the old west the Civil War and fantasy, the progression was at a good pace, and the characters back stories were good. Entertaining to the last, and the music was cool as well.” – Jerry

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