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Krissy’s Adventures On The Road


By Heidi O.

Hi all! It’s me, Krissy the Dinosaur, again! I had taken a small break from writing to explore our great U.S.-of-A. and have had some fun adventures during my time. I don’t want to talk to you all today about my adventures per-se, but about WHY I am on these adventures.

I am one of several “travelers” out on the road for a young boy in Ohio named Hunter. We are known as “Hunter’s Travelers.” A lot of us are different dinosaurs, but recently there has been some other stuffies added such as Patches the Monkey, Arcoma the Teddy, Hal the Duck, and I believe her name is Ellie the Elephant. There are many, many more of us and we travel not only the 48 contiguous states, but some of us have also traveled to Ireland and beyond!

I got a free trip to Hawaii last year when my owners, Chris and Heidi, got married, but that’s as far as I’ve personally been. I do travel every day of the year in the semi and ride in the window so I can see everything (and so the dogs they own don’t eat me!) Don’t tell my owners, but I hear all this talk lately about one of their scary dogs having something called puppies and if that involves more dogs, I may have to hide in their bathroom! Yep, they have a bathroom on their truck, it’s so cool!

Oh, I got a little off topic, sorry about that! What I was telling you all about was “Hunter’s Travelers.” A women’s group called, “Mystic Storm Sisterhood” took it upon themselves to help Hunter (who is currently 16-years-old) by getting some dinosaurs together (which is Hunter’s favorite animal) and asking truck drivers if they would be willing to travel with one of the dinosaurs and take pictures of places Hunter wouldn’t get to see otherwise. Hunter has some medical conditions that prevent him from traveling. I don’t know how to say or spell them so I don’t want to confuse anyone, but I just wanted to share with all why you hear from me every once and again with my stories of being on the road!

I love to be out on the open highway and see all the wonderful sites. Sometimes I want to blow the horn but Chris sets me on the other side of the dash so I can’t reach it (my arms are pretty short). I did get to ride in a convertible car back in February when we went to California. That sure is one pretty state! I also got to ride on a horse and go to see some whales. I got a little seasick on the boat, but I held it together!

Anyway, you should all check out all of our stuffy travels on Hunter’s Traveler’s Facebook page! – We post our pictures there so Hunter can enjoy all the places we have been to!

Hope to be reporting back to you soon with some more great adventures!

– Krissy

Posted by Hunters Traveler on Sunday, March 1, 2015


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