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Ms. Manners: Family Left Behind


Family is a very important part of our lives, and being on the road makes the time we spend with them even more special.

As we go about our day on the road, our families must continue on without our help, influence, and physical support on a daily basis.

If you are like me, I can’t wait to get out of my truck and back to my home, bed, kitchen, bathroom, easy chair and to my family members. On the other hand, I can’t wait to get back in the truck and away from all the drama or mundane things. Since I am currently off the truck and at home, due to my father’s health, I get to see the other side of the coin. And so my husband continues without me. While I stay at home, I now understand the hardship of your stay at home partner/spouse or family member’s. Please make sure when you leave to go back out on the road, don’t go angry. Settle all things in your personal life before you go. Both sides have hardships and for me staying at home is hard.

Weather, crazy drivers, people out there jacking truckers, breakdowns etc- It’s aggravating for the us, the driver, but as the one at home, all you can do is worry. For the ones left behind at home, the same goes. Your truck driver is out there all alone with no comforts of home. No little league, no going out with friends, no home-cooked meals. That is hard as well. The feeling that you are a guest in own home and being left out of so many things. Just sayin ‘

Be patient and understanding with each other. The other side of the coin always looks better than the one you’re on. Talk often, be honest without putting undue stress on the other. Laugh often with each other, and let them know you love them.

Trucking is more than a profession, it’s a way of life.
Be safe out there.


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