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Poem: Morning Sunrise with Oversize


Morning Sunrise with Oversize

By: Heidi O.


 As you wake up each morning,

 The sun shines upon your face,

 You start your truck and realize,

 you are in America’s race.

 The race to meet your deadline

 so your load gets brought on time

 The struggle of every moment,

 Racing the clock while the sun shines

 Your oversized load is heavy

 and it slows you down a bit

 Since you can only run in daylight

 You take off at sunrise instead of sit

 You follow all traffic

 and obey the law mans rules

 Your qualcom tells you when

 you must take a break to cool

 Your break is now about over

  and the sun still shines through

  So off out into the traffic

  is how it goes for you.

  You deal with all these assholes

  that speed right on past.

  They act like they dont see you

  Even with your signs and flags,

  You try to ignore their impatience

  as you like to be safe,

  sometimes you want to scream

  and just get in their face,

  Can’t you see me coming

  with this big old rig and load?

  I want to make delivery safely

  without an accident on these roads.


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