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Truck Driver Gear: Bluetooth Headsets


As drivers know, truck drivers are prohibited from using handheld devices while driving. This makes a bluetooth headset a necessity for most drivers.

Take a look at some of the top-reviewed bluetooth headsets for drivers.

Cobra Long Haul Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Noise Cancellation


  • 33 hours of talk time, 33 days of standby time, with a 66 foot operating range
  • Multipoint technology allows you to connect to two devices at once, connect your work cellphone and your personal cellphone, and field calls from both.
  • The A2DP technology feature gives you the ability to stream music or audio content wirelessly from your cellular device to your headset such as music, traffic reports, directions, news or podcasts.
  • Includes 3 charging methods: USB, home and vehicle
  • Meets and exceeds hands free driving law regulations


By Matt Schaffner 

Comparable to the Blue Parrot, but picks up more background noise. The charger uses the same one as my smart phone so that’s a plus. Would probably buy again.
This works great with our Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. It’s great for on the road at the repair shop and on location in the oil field.
on April 12, 2015
Nice product. Work as advertised. It does not “bowl me over” so I won’t give it 5 stars. However it’s a nice headset.

Top Pick! VXi BlueParrott® B250-XT Xtreme Noise Suppression(TM) Bluetooth Headset (4 3/4 stars-2,000 reviews)

Blue Parrot Bluetooth

  • Be heard clearly with the industry’s best noise canceling – guaranteed. Compatible with Bluetooth cell phones & computers,Premium noise canceling microphone blocks out engine and road noise
  • Enjoy a wireless range of up to 66 feet, double that of most Bluetooth devices. Talk for 16+ hours on a charge. (Up to 150 hours standby.)
  • Hear every word, with its wide range of volume adjustments. Keep your conversations private, with 128-bit digital encryption, Up to 66′ range (in most environments)
  • Wear all day, every day. Make your phone a walkie-talkie with the VXi BlueParrott App. Push to talk to one person or a group on Android or iOS phones. Includes Home & Car Charger
  • Eliminates background noise with Xtreme Noise Suppression, Over-the-head headband ensures stable fit, Professional Grade Communication technology, Superior speaker volume. 


I’ve owned so many different types of bluetooth headsets it’s not funny. I’ve used Blueant, Motorola’s, Sony’s, you name it. I don’t care what kind of special technology is in there, there is never any substitute for putting the microphone next to your mouth. Now combine the boom microphone with a really good noise cancellation, and you’ve got the perfect FUNCTIONING system.I’ve used it most often on my bicycle (when i’m not wearing a helmet). I can ride in windy conditions and the person on the other end knows i’m on a bike only because i’m breathing hard. They don’t hear the wind. Loud buses or traffic doesn’t make a difference. I used it at the ROLLING THUNDER Harley rally here in DC. I swear I couldn’t hear my own voice when i was talking, but the person on the other end hears me fine.The buttons are very simple, and on/off/answer button, and an up and down volume buttons (total three buttons).

THE WORST PART is you look goofy. I’m embarassed walking into a supermarket wearing thing. NO, I’m NOT an aerobic instructor! On my bike, in my car, or in my house, I don’t care, but out and about, I feel like a dork.

I deliver noisy trucks for a living and have been disappointed with almost every headset and in-the-ear piece that I’ve tried. The biggest problem has been not enough volume, and sometimes complaints of poor audio on the other end. That was until I tried the Blue Parrott B250-xt. It works far better than any other unit that I have used both incoming and outbound. It has good battery life, and is very easy and comfortable to use. Best audio output, by far. I can’t say enough about it !!
Recently bought a Blueparrott 250XT and was worried about the battery, as others have had problems with that. I charged mine up the full time (and more) as they say in the instructions. I initially had problems, but they were my fault. I didnt read the instructions completely and when the light flashed red, I thought it was a battery problem. As it turns out, it indicated that it had disconnected from my cellphone’s bluetooth system. I reconnected and it worked really well. My cell has disconnected a few times, but lately, it works well, I’m at a loss when I dont have it on. The noise cancelling works really well. The amplication on the earphone is great and compensates for my age-related hearing loss. A really great unit, feels good wearing it, not sure I’d wear it in the food store, but is it any worse than any of the earpiece units you see being used now? If I lost it would I buy another one? Yes…100% yes.

VXi BlueParrott® B250-XT+ 95% Noise Canceling Bluetooth® Headset

Blue Parrot

  • Be heard clearly with the industry’s best noise canceling – guaranteed.
  • Stream audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices. Use with two cell phones or a phone and PC.
  • Make your phone a walkie-talkie with the VXi BlueParrott App. Push to talk to one person or a group on Android or iOS phones.
  • Understand every word with wideband audio.
  • 20+ hours of talk time per charge. Comfortable and durable.


Due to the new regulations going into effect on January 3rd of 2012 where commercial drivers are required to go hands free on their cellphones and no texting allowed, I decided to try a more comfortable bluetooth unit. I have been using a Motorola HX-1 bone conduction model for a year or so, and found that it would get annoying after about five hours and I’d have to take it out. That’s not really an option now, to use the phone I have to be hands free for the whole day. This new version of the B250 adds A2DP, which I wanted, so I could hear when I received a text or email, not that I could whip out the phone and text back, but so that at the next stop I didn’t have to whip out the phone to check and see if I got a message, I would already know if there was a new message or not from the phone sending me an alert. As for the headset, it just works and doesn’t fall off my head when I move. It has more than enough volume so that I can hear the caller very clearly and everyone I’ve talked to with the headset doesn’t even realize I’m in the truck. One touch voice dialing works perfectly. The headset is a little large and won’t win any awards for style, it makes you look a little geeky, but it works. The only annoyance I had with this unit was the blue flashing connect light when the headset was on, but I found you could disable it by tapping the volume up/down buttons at the same time. Then you just have to remember it is on when you are done for the day and shut it off. I tried it over the weekend on a full charge, basically on for two twelve hour days with about five hours of talk time and never ran out of battery. I would recommend this headset to anyone would needs to go hands free and doesn’t want the wet ear from the standard bluetooth headsets. This unit was paired to an HTC EVO 4G by sprint and a Motorola V950 and both worked perfectly.
I purchased this item for my dad because of the new law regarding truck drivers talking on cell phones while driving. He was torn on purchasing this model, or purchasing a smaller more fashionable model. This was a GREAT purchase. He is not a “techy” person at all, and it was so easy, he set up the headset on his new phone with no help at all.
With 20+ hours of talk time and simple operation this headset is No. 1 with professional drivers for good reasons. Up to 66ft of distance from actual phone location is super nice when fueling or performing general work in proximity of your truck and trailer. Voice only dialing is exceptional via phones contact list. I use mine with the iphone 4. Noise cancelling is of exceptional performance. Doesn’t tske long to charge, volume controls are precise and loud enough for virtually anyone. AC and DC charging cords are included. Suprisingly comfortable wearing designed for all day use. Can be worn with microphone on either side of the head as well as ear listening speaker. You hear callers and they hear you perfectly despite the background noise in the cab or wherever. I subject mine to extremely loud oil drilling operations and the standard inside cab noise of semi tractor operations. Even in these extreme conditions this headset works as advertised and I am very very satisfied with its performance. Have had nothing but positive comments from contacts I have been speaking with while using it. Very few products that I have used these days live up to their claims and fortunately this headset does live up to its claims and then some in my opinion. Nope… It’s certainly not going to win you any beauty contests! But if you need a unit that actually works, has REAL noise cancelling ability, a headset that you can easily hear the other party. You won’t be wasting your money on this exceptional headset. It is the best headset on the market for truckers and high noise enviroments bar none. It is the right tool for a real world working man’s needs.

Cobra CBTH1-PLUS Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset Cobra

  • T5 Sonance Technology electronically filters noise and simultaneously amplifies voice for unparalleled sound quality, even in the nosiest of situations.
  • Multi-point Technology allows headset to be paired with up to two (2) Bluetooth enabled devices at the same time
  • Talk time of 20 hours, and a standby time of 400 hours
  • Easy volume control provides other functions such as placing calls on hold, transferring calls, and 3-way conference calls.
  • Package contains USB charging cable, vehicle charger, extra ear cover, extra microphone cover, and manual


Received this unit within 48 hours — standard shipping from OnTrac.com
Didn’t order this one through Amazon.
Just made my first call (it paired perfectly with my flip phone).
Sound was crystal clear on both ends.
Will get back to you if there are any durability issues.
My last two blue parrots were not durable.
this was said to have a noise canceling mic when I’m driving in my truck people tells me there’s a lot of background noise. When I try to use the voice command/dial it doesn’t hear me unless I roll up the window.
I still have it but don’t care for it at allanyone wanna to offer me 20 dollars I’ll take it
Although this unit works well, & does what I’d hoped, regarding the person on the other end of the line being able to hear me, which that it does very well. Especially over my older semi. But I still have an issue with hearing. Volume only goes up as much as the phone will allow & had distortion at top end. But it is worth all of the 3 stars I’d given plus a lil extra.

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