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Truck Driver Hit While Putting Up Triangles To Warn Motorists Of Fallen Trees


A truck driver was hit by at least one car on I-90 in Missoula, Montana on Monday as he was putting up triangles to warn other drivers about fallen trees that were causing accidents.

The incident happened in the wake of Monday’s wind storm, when hurricane-force winds tore down trees and power lines. Two trees were blown into the median of I-90, blocking part of the eastbound lanes. The darkness and rain made it hard for drivers to see the trees in time to stop, leaving many vehicles with broken wheels and undercarriage damage.

The truck driver was initially sideswiped by a car that tried to pass the truck, then swerved back into the truck as he was trying to avoid the tree. Both vehicles came to rest on the left side of the interstate beyond the tree.

He stopped his truck and his co-driver was in the process of putting up emergency triangles when another car hit the tree, lost control, and struck the co-driver before slamming into the back of the truck.

A few minutes later, another car hit the tree and lost control, possibly hitting the co-driver again.

The co-driver is in the hospital and is expected to survive. The motorists who lost control are both in serious condition.

The Montana Standard
Independent Record


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