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Trucker Ties Up Would-Be Thief Whose Scalp-Less Mugshot Causes Controversy


A trucker fought off a would-be truck thief in Florida, tying him up with wire and detaining him for the police — but that’s not the crazy part.

Trucker Tackles Fleeing Thief

The incident began when the trucker heard noises coming from his truck which was parked at an Economy Inn in Palatka, Florida, on Tuesday. When he went out to investigate, he discovered 62-year-old Tommie Bennett trying to steal from his truck. Bennett was attempting to steal survival equipment — a tent, fishing pole, and tackle box.

Bennett tried to flee the scene on his bicycle but was tackled and wrestled to the ground by the trucker. The trucker and a bystander tied Bennett up with a wire and held him until the police could arrive.

Bizarre Mugshot Causes Controversy

Bennett’s mugshot has created a great deal of controversy on social media. It appears to show that the man is missing a significant portion of his scalp, leading many to wonder if he was injured during or after his arrest. When asked about the mugshot, Putnam County authorities said that Bennett “evidently” had some sort of skin condition.

Police also say that they found Viagra in the man’s pockets. Bennett did not have a prescription.

He has been charged with burglary of a conveyance, larceny and possession of a drug without a prescription.

A mugshot from February of this year shows no visible signs of a skin condition.

Tommie Bennett

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