‘Heaven of Cherubs’ is a project that’s been orchestrated by painter, Aecio Sarti.

Aecio is painting old tarpaulin which is used to cover truck loads. Once the paintings are completed, the tarp is being used and regains its original functionality.

‘Heaven of Cherubs’ was painted on a 12 x 8 meter truck cover. The cherubs represent the protection of the load of ceramic pots, the truck, and its driver across the roads of Brazil.

This particular truck driver’s business entails bringing new pots to women in a small dryland community for water storage in exchange for their old pots which are then sold as decorative pieces in wealthy communities.


“Céu de Querubins” – TRAILER from Gustavo Massola on Vimeo.

“Céu de Querubins” – TEASER from Gustavo Massola on Vimeo.

Gustavo Massola

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