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VIDEO: Canadian Trucker Invents Crazy Tires That Let You Drive Sideways


After watching someone struggle to back up a utility trailer, a Canadian trucker invented a set of unbelievable omnidirectional tires that can roll in on themselves.

Ontario based trucker William Liddiard spent eight years and about $80,000 working on the design, which he installed on his own Toyota Echo.

Omnidirectional Tire Design Inspired By Back Up Struggle

Said Liddiard, “”I was watching somebody backing up a utility trailer. And they were having a hard time doing it … so that’s how initially I came up with the idea of redesigning the wheel sideways.

From Liddiard’s video description: “It works! I had to improvise a lot, use the materials available to me, and work on it sparingly when I could find the time. I decided to put them on my car. Unlike other omni capable wheels, my wheels do not require the vehicle to be built around them. This is a world first bolt-on application for anything with wheels. Designed to be used in all weather and road conditions. They are stronger, faster, and more accurately controlled than prior art. They can take a beating. The tires “can” have the same build characteristics (siping, grooves, rubber compounds etc.) as regular tires. Now you can drive in all directions, and turn on the spot, when needed. These are proof of concept prototypes to show that they work. Finished wheels will be refined to target application requirements.

Liddiard estimates that the cost of the system will be about $2000 per tire.

Check Out Liddiard Wheels In Action

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-TOV-NBD70″ width=”700″ height=”500″ responsive=”no”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTfDbaM-Z3M[/su_youtube]

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