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DOE Announces $80 Million SuperTruck II Efficiency Project


The Department of Energy announced SuperTruck II on Tuesday, an $80 million dollar project designed to significantly increase truck efficiency.

SuperTruck II To Increase Efficiency By 100%

The goal of the SuperTruck II project is to increase truck efficiency by over 100% over a best in class 2009 truck, especially in terms of truck performance and cost-effectiveness. The project hopes to achieve this goal by improving engine efficiency, drivetrain efficiency, aerodynamic drag, tire rolling resistance, and vehicle weight.

The DOE also says they hope to make fuel saving technologies more affordable for truck operators. According to the DOE, if all Class 8 Trucks incorporated SuperTruck technology, truck operators would save close to $20 billion on fuel costs.

The announcement was made by¬†Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Reuben Sarkar at the GreenTruck Summit in Indianapolis. Sarkar emphasized that “improving the efficiency of commercial trucks is critical to reducing our petroleum consumption, strengthening our clean energy economy, and further reducing our contributions to climate change.”

SuperTruck I Made Impressive Improvements Into Efficiency Technologies

During the 2009’s initial SuperTruck initiative, the goal was to increase truck efficiency by 50% by 2015. Two of the teams tasked with the project already completed their goal while the other two are on track to meet it soon.

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