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FMCSA Puts The Brakes On Massachusetts Box Truck Driver And Carrier Following Fatal Crash


The FMCSA has declared a Massachusetts box truck driver and the company that he works for an imminent hazard to public safety following a three vehicle crash that killed two people, including a five year old child.

According to the FMCSA, driver John Kamau was involved in a crash in I-95 in York County, Maine, on November 18. Kamau reportedly failed to slow for traffic and crashed into a passenger vehicle, pushing it into the tractor trailer in front of it. Both the passenger vehicle driver and a five year old boy in the car died.

An FMCSA investigation into Kamau and his company, Kamway Services, uncovered several serious regulation violations:

  • Kamau was not medically certified at the time of the crash.
  • Kamway Services told the FMCSA that they maintain no driver records.
  • Kamway Services also told the FMCSA that they maintain no records-of-duty status documents to ensure that their drivers are in compliance with Hours of Service regulations.
  • Kamway Services was unable to produce any documentation to prove that they were performing regular vehicle inspection or maintenance on their trucks.

The FMCSA is considering pursuing civil and criminal penalties to address the safety violations that they uncovered in their investigation.


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