Texas Places Twenty Percent Of Trucks Out Of Service During Road Check

The Texas Department of Public Safety released results for Roadcheck 2016 and announced that over 20% of the trucks that were inspected were placed out of service.

Texas Takes One In Five Trucks Off The Road For Safety Violations

From June 7 through June 9, Texas officials say that they inspected 7,795 commercial vehicles. Of those, 1,751 (22.5%) were placed out of service for safety violations. Brake defects and vehicle lighting defects were the most common violations.

Hundreds Of Drivers Placed Out Of Service

In addition, DPS placed 224 truck drivers out of service for regulation violations. These violations included improper logging of duty time and driving over the maximum number of hours allowed.

During Roadcheck, officials issued truckers 1,972 citations and 20,446 warnings.

We’ll have more Roadcheck results for you as they are released.

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