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Scam Alert: Oregon Trucking Company Duped By Insurance Scheme


Officials in Oregon are warning business owners about insurance scams after they discovered that a trucking company had paid thousands of dollars over four years to an insurance company that doesn’t exist.

Trucking Company Paid $20,000 To Fake Insurance Company

The Oregon Insurance Division says that a large trucking company was tricked out of over $20,000 over four years after attempting to purchase insurance policies online. The trucking company believed that they were paying for insurance from Proactive Indemnity Corporation when in reality their premiums were being deposited into an account at a Pakistani bank.

Other Companies May Have Fallen For The Same Scam

The Oregon Insurance Division believes that other companies have probably been scammed by the same group. If you have purchased insurance or done business with any of the following, you are asked to contact the Oregon Insurance Division immediately: Josh Capello, Ahmed Salam, Proactive Indemnity, Proactive Financial or ContingentCargo.



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