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Trump Says He’s Friends With “One Of The Biggest Truckers In The World” During Press Conference


During a press conference that the Washington Post described as “beyond bizarre”, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made some interesting statements about the trucking industry.

From a golf course that he owns in Scotland, Trump took to the podium to praise the Brexit movement, but he also made mention of one of his friends near the end of his speech.

Trump’s “Big Trucker” Friend Worried About Infrastructure

From a transcript of the speech:

“I have a friend who’s a trucker, a big trucker, one of the biggest in the world, actually. And he said, he buys these brand-new, magnificent trucks that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and he’s never had this problem before. They’re just getting destroyed, because the highways are loaded up with potholes.

And when you have an 18-wheeler or 16-wheeler, and you have big, massive trucks, and they’re being — you know, going down a highway at 65 miles an hour, and they hit a pothole and they are loaded up with tons of stuff, he said those trucks, no matter how good they are, they get wiped out.”

He returned to the subject of his friend later:

“My friend told me. He said, he’s never had a problem like this before. He said, you go down the highways in a brand-new truck that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars is virtually it’s destroyed. They have to bring it back and have it rehauled, because they’re hitting potholes all over the place on highways. Our infrastructure is crumbling in the United States.”

You can take a look at video of the speech below. Trump mentions his trucker friend at about the 40 minute mark.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UGc8e966E4″ width=”700″ height=”500″ responsive=”no”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ade3Uz-PHjU[/su_youtube]

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