As part of the largest convoy operation since World War II, approximately 1200 military vehicles will be departing from Fort Carson this week.

Over 60 separate military convoys consisting of 20 to 30 vehicles each will be transporting over 5,000 soldiers from Fort Carson, located near Colorado Springs, to the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site near Trinidad for a two week training exercise called Operation Raider Focus. The military vehicles will be traveling no faster than 40 m.p.h. and are expected to cause some significant traffic delays.

The convoy route planners have chosen a dual route to try to minimize traffic disruptions. The military convoys will utilize both southbound Highway 115 and southbound I-25. There will be a 30 minute delay between the departure of each convoy to reduce traffic backups.

Over 300 18-ton Stryker vehicles will be making the 140 trek.

The Colorado State Patrol will be coordinating with the convoys to provide traffic control.

Following the military exercise, the convoys will return north the Fort Carson in May.

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