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The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a final report on a multiple fatality collision that occurred in Oklahoma in 2022.
Two truck drivers put themselves at risk for a Rubix cube in this ridiculous video.  In the clip, the filming driver pulls out his phone while going 65 mph to record another truck driver whose attention is...

Biggest Military Convoy Since WWII To Snarl Traffic On Colorado Highways

As part of the largest convoy operation since World War II, approximately 1200 military vehicles will be departing from Fort Carson this week. I-25, Highway...

Megaload To Cause Traffic Delays In Atlanta

The Georgia DOT warns motorists to expect delays because of a 638,000 pound "Megaload" that will be travelling through metro Atlanta Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Expect Major Slowdowns On I-65 Starting In March

Construction season is coming up fast, meaning delays are coming for drivers on I-65 south of Indianapolis.

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