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Leaked video believed to show Tesla truck in action


Tesla has delayed the release of the new electric semi-truck yet again; however, many speculate that this unusual big rig caught on video is Tesla’s soon-to-be debuted electric truck.

The debut of the truck had already been delayed from September to October 26. Now Elon Musk, Telsa CEO, has moved the release date back to November 16th, 2017.

According to Electrek, Tesla is instead focusing on Model 3 production and helping out power outage-ridden Puerto Rico rather than further developing the semi-truck. Musk stated that Tesla is in “production hell” with the conception of the Model 3.

The company has decided to divert resources from producing the Tesla truck to increase battery production in an effort to help Puerto Rico.

Musk made this announcement via twitter:

Musk also tweeted about a scalable energy storage and solar power solution with the governor.

As seen in the video footage there is a white cube sitting between the cab and the trailer. The cube is wrapped in what appears to be some sort of fabric. The cube could be a component of the electric power source.

This truck does not bear a striking resemblance to a suspected image of the electric truck that surfaced last week. The image posted to Reddit last week looks more like you would expect a Tesla truck to look.

Take a closer look in the video below:

The video is thought to show a “test mule” of the Semi truck, a disguised version of the truck hardware running in the shell of another truck, so as not to draw attention, according to BGR.

The truck seen in this video doesn’t seem to make a ton of noise when it pulls off, so this very well could be an earlier prototype of the Tesla semi being tested on actual roads.

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