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Beer truck crashes into woman’s home


In Wisconsin, a tractor-trailer crashed into the front of a woman’s home late Friday night near 76th and Hampton.

In video footage caught by a neighbor’s security camera, the truck was seen swerving on the road and eventually smashed through the front window of Cheche Williams’ home.

The earsplitting crash was heard for miles, and the screams for help that followed were similarly as disturbing.

Williams was sitting in her living room when the truck threw her from her chair to the ground.

According to WQOW, Williams was sore and had some cuts and bruises, but was not seriously injured.

She told Fox 6, “I looked back at the window and I saw the front end of the truck and it sounded like it was going to keep coming.”

She immediately scrambled away from the truck, grabbed her dogs, and ran to safety.

Williams’ sister was in disbelief that she survived this crash. Her belongings were destroyed, and many of them were given to her by her deceased parents.

The truck was hauling empty beer cans for Red Dog beer. If the truck was hauling filled cans the result of the accident could have been much different, much worse.

Police report that they think that the driver fell asleep at the wheel.

The driver was driving for Barry Trucking Company, located in Wisconsin. The company has not made a statement about the accident.

The condition of the driver is not known at this time; however, the driver was taken to the hospital for observation. The hours of service for the driver are unknown.


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