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VIDEO: Possible drunk driver saved by truck driver


This video posted in December of 2015 depicts a possible drunk driver driving the wrong way on a busy highway.

From the dashcam footage, it appears that the truck driver is traveling in the second left lane on a 4 lane highway. It is dark and there does not seem to be an excessive amount of traffic on the road.

You can first see the vehicle in question pass the truck on the left side. In an attempt to change lanes the driver pulls hard to the right. The driver of the white van then loses control and begins heavily swaying back and forth and it crosses a number of lanes.

In an effort to gain control, the van pulls hard to the left side. That is when the van actually turns the wrong way on the highway. The van is now face to face with the ever-approaching tractor-trailer.

The van veers into the far left lane right as the tractor-trailer is only feet away. Then the van begins to reverse – putting the vehicle in a more dangerous spot to be struck by the truck.

Thankfully, the tractor-trailer is able to come to a full stop. The tractor-trailer remains stopped by the van, and another four-wheeler has to stop until the van is able to turn around and continue down the road.


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