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VIDEO: Semi trailer vs. bollard


Caught on another truck driver’s dash cam — a truck driver trying to make a tight turn misses the building but unfortunately doesn’t miss the bollard next to the building.

Truck Driver Can’t Quite Make The Turn

In this video captured by driver and YouTuber Mike Grain, a fellow truck driver attempts to maneuver his way out of the docks and around a building. He looks like he’s almost clear, but then his trailer becomes hung up on a bollard beside the building.

After the collision with the bollard, the sheepish truck driver hops out of the cab to inspect the damage. After a quick walk around, the driver heads back toward the docks.

Of course, this isn’t the first truck driver to run afoul of power poles. Check out this video of a FedEx yard spotter who finds himself in a similar situation.

Nor is he the only truck driver who has ever struggled with a right turn.

What advice would you have for a newer driver who finds himself in a situation like this?


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