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VIDEO: Four wheeler plays high risk game with 40 ton truck


A road raging four wheeler who clearly wants to be hit by a fully loaded semi truck gets under the truck driver’s skin.

The video was shared by YouTuber Doston Nemat, who writes, “4wheeler trying to get hit by a 40 tonn semi truck in Columbus, OHIO.”

For around two minutes, the car driver seems to play with the trucker, swerving in front of him and brake checking him repeatedly. Finally, the dash cammer appears to have had enough and gets over into the left lane. He comes to a stop partially in the roadway and appears to have put an end to the incident. The dash cammer says that he called the police but was told that they were busy and that it would be an hour before an officer would be able to make it to the scene.

Some people who viewed the video were angered four wheeler’s infuriating display of road rage:
Nico 76  wrote, “Brake checkers should have their license revoked for the rest of their lives.”

tom11zz884 says that he would have taken things even further: “I would have rammed the crap out of the car.”

Others were critical of the way that the truck driver handled the irritating car driver.

Southerneagle83 pointed out, “At the end it shows you got over in the left lane almost killing the idiot 4 wheeler. Guess what the lawyers will take their side even though they re the ones who started it. Remember we are the professionals on the road. How you handled this was putting more people at harms way. You made the rest of us look bad!”

Southerneagle83 had this advice for any driver who finds himself in a situation like this: “You know what i do? I back off and take the next exit with an on ramp and sit there for a few minutes. It aint worth the road rage.”


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