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VIDEO: Retired Will County judge refuses to move his car so an oversized truck can make a turn


A stubborn retired judge tied up traffic in Joliet, Illinois, on Wednesday, when he decided to park his car in the roadway for fifteen minutes rather than let a truck driver have the few extra feet that he needed in order to make a wide turn.

The incident happened around 11:30 a.m. on April 18 at the intersection of Cass and Chicago Streets when retired Will County judge Edward Masters refused to back up (as other motorists had done) to give a truck driver delivering a piece of equipment enough room to make a turn.

Masters reportedly ignored construction workers who tried to reason with him to ask him to move, but finally moved his car at about 11:45 a.m. at the request of two Joliet Police officers.

You can click here for more details on the incident.

Will County residents have famously taken an anti-truck stance over the past few years. From Will County’s Safer Roads Illinois website which seeks to “make truckers pay for blatant disregard of the law” to a YouTube video series outlining why residents don’t want trucks in their town to a recent anti-truck protest parade held by area farmers, Will County has gone to great lengths to make sure that truckers do not feel welcome in their community.


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