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Controversial video captures trucker trying to start fight in parking lot


A trucking vlogger shared a heated encounter with a fellow truck driver that started over a “missed” turn signal and a “was-it-really-necessary?” horn honk.

The video was shared by the Trucker Rudi YouTube channel on August 1.

The video features an argument that starts when Rudi honks his horn at a flatbed truck driver who doesn’t use a turn signal as he cut across a truck stop parking lot. As the argument escalates, the flatbed driver gets out of his truck tries to start a physical fight while Rudi keeps filming.

Trucker Rudi later filmed a follow up video to let his followers know that the flatbed truck driver had been fired due to complaints from those who saw the initial video.

The video stirred up debate on social media between users who thought that the flatbed driver was out of line and others who called out Trucker Rudi for using his platform to get another truck driver fired.


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