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FedEx driver sprinkles a little holiday cheer on your special delivery


As the holiday season approaches, many are preparing to set the table and stuff the turkey; but one FedEx delivery driver is skipping right to the Christmas cheer, and he has the viral Tik Tok video to prove it. 

FedEx delivery driver and TikTok user kaylaprosser2 recently posted a clip of coworker Andy Johnston rocking out to an iconic Christmas song, and the internet has taken notice. 

In the clip, Andy can be seen bustin’ a move to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas,’ gripping the steering wheel as he head bangs, shimmys, and lip syncs to the iconic holiday tune. A coworker in the delivery truck beside him can even be seen dunking what appears to be a chicken nugget in sauce before leaning forward to catch a better glimpse of the now-viral performance. 

“In case anyone was wondering where their FedEx packages are,” reads the video’s caption. 


In case anyone was wondering where their FedEx packages are #Fedex #mariahcarey #christmas @andyjohnstonjr

♬ original sound – Kayla Prosser

In the four days since the clip was posted, the Tik Tok video has gained more than 250,000 likes – not to mention coverage on several local news stations. 

“In case anyone is wondering, we stop everyday to get lunch together,” Kayla wrote in the comments.  

“There is usually 4-6 of us lined up and we just have a good ol time. He [Andy] is my best friend,” she continued. 

Upon closer inspection, most, if not all, of kaylaprosser2’s Tik Tok videos involve Andy engaging in some kind of FedEx delivery antics. 

So remember, next time your package is running late, a festive dance break just might be the explanation.


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