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Here is yet another lesson on the importance of avoiding trucker’s blind spots


A semi truck overturned after colliding with another vehicle in an unfortunate merging situation. 

The collision occurred on Thursday, October 22nd west of Lakeland, Florida. 

According to The Ledger, the semi truck was heading east on the Interstate 4 exit ramp preparing to enter the Polk Parkway from the outside lane as another vehicle traveled in the inside lane. As the semi truck merged into the inside lane, it collided with the other vehicle. 

The force of the impact sent the rig crashing into a barrier wall before it flipped onto its side, landing on the grassy shoulder of the roadway. 

Luckily, no injuries were sustained in the incident, but this accident serves as yet another reminder to be aware of tractor trailer’s blind spots, lest you end up in a situation like this one. 

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Drive safely!


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