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Quick-thinking trucker saves sliding motorist in dash cam clip


A trucker finds himself uncomfortably close to a serious t-bone crash in this dash cam video.

The video was captured on March 16, 2020, in Goleta, California.

The dash cammer writes: “I have been driving trucks for 20 years. Traveling Northbound on US Hwy 101 on a rainy day. When I noticed a car sliding sideways over the medium from the Southbound side the highway bouncing back off guard rail towards me. This particular part of Hwy 101 has 3 lanes. To avoid T-boning the minivan I swerved to the second lane. But unfortunately, she hit my trailer. I looked inside of the minivan there was a baby seat right next to the sliding door. Looking at the passengers they seemed to be normal no physical damage to anyone. Most likely to my quick thinking and swerving out of the way of a T-bone accident saved people’s lives, those were the CHP officer’s comments.”

Check out the video below.


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