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‘You can drive AND have the family life you want’- this program is making it happen


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Truck drivers are committed, now more than ever, to their essential work out on the road. Hauling goods across our country is what has kept our economy going and Americans have relied on the dedication of the transportation industry during these unprecedented times. But, this dedication can come at a price to the driver’s relationships at home.

Truck drivers, on average, spend about 20 days/nights a month away from their families. This separation can add up, putting stress on not just the driver, but any of the relationships he’s trying to maintain back home.

Spending weeks away from family members can bring on a set of challenges that is hard to navigate. Maintaining a connection with a spouse, parenting from the road and making the most of precious home time are all common worries of drivers. That’s why companies like SeatMyTrucks have stepped up, putting drivers first by implementing a program to help them through these issues.

MyTruckerLife.com, a shared vision between First Things First, Inc. and SeatMyTrucks, launched July 13 as an online training platform that provides relationship resources for drivers and their families.

The goal for the program is simple: “You can drive AND have the family life you want.”

“We’ve been focused on empowering families since 1997,” said Julie Bumgardner, President and CEO of First Things First. “And so we’ve spent the past year really studying trucking families and then molding the teachings we’ve been doing the past 23 years so they are applicable to a family where a member is often not present.”

Examples of current content includes:

  • Parenting from a Distance, Dealing with Conflict
  • Leaving and Coming Home
  • Do You Have Quarantine Fatigue
  • What to Do When Your Spouse is An Essential Worker
  • COVID -19 Outbreak Journaling/ Writing Prompts for Kids
  • Building a Thriving Romantic Relationship

“We believe a key component for retention in the trucking industry is to provide ongoing support and encouragement to professional drivers and their families,” said Rob Hatchett, President of SeatMyTrucks. “My wife was on the board at First Things First a few years back and I got to know the organization real well then. Finally it hit me one day that the trucking industry needs someone focused on family health and I knew First Things First was the perfect partner for that.”

New content will be added quarterly for subscribers.

Individual subscriptions are available for drivers and their families as well as unlimited subscription packages for carriers and CDL schools.

To learn more about this program, visit MyTruckerLife.com

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