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With a constant focus on unwavering service and dedication to exceeding our customer expectations we take great pride in the work that we produce as a team day in and day out.

FirstFleet is guided by a set of core values which we seek to honor and achieve through the daily actions of every individual on our team. These core values provide a shared foundation for our workforce to lean upon and expect from each other.

As we thought about our team, which is for the most part constantly on the move by occupation, we wanted to increase the frequency and quality of our communications and interactions. Our team has grown significantly, but the family feel and culture originally created still remains, and this is an important piece of what we do every day. The FirstFleet Inc. TenFour podcast is one avenue by which we create a stream of communication with team members. 

The podcast allows us to communicate on various topics of company and industry interest while soliciting driver feedback and interaction. We have covered items of company history, awards and recognition, DOT emerging trends, upcoming adjustments to company policies and benefits, technology advancements and a multitude of other topics.

Hosts of the podcast include drivers, company leadership, fleet managers, driver trainers, safety leadership, recruiting and other team members from around the organization. Our goal is to hear from a diverse group on a regular basis.

One of my personal favorites is an episode where we cover the company history with two long-term leadership executives. It’s a joy to remember where we came from especially in the context of ensuring that some things always remain true of us as a company.

If you are interested in subscribing, you will find the FirstFleet podcast in most every place where podcasts can be found. Here is a link to the show homepage which includes options to subscribe in various platforms.  

If you’re interested in learning how you too can be a part of the FirstFleet family please follow this link for detailed descriptions of openings around the country.

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