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Popular German trucking reality show takes a trip to ‘The Big Texan’


A popular German trucking reality show made a trip to the famous “Big Texan” store and restaurant on Monday, and the owners of the Big Texan are excited about the international exposure. 

The German reality-documentary TV show is called ‘Asphalt Cowboys’ and follows truck drivers around as they go about their lives and jobs. For now, the show is following German truck driver Joe Flege as he travels through Texas to get a taste of American trucking. 

Flege says he wanted to make a stop in Amarillo specifically so that he could experience “The Big Texan.”

“For the Texas Steak House Ranch and I’m on the way to El Paso so I never pass this place it’s great,” said Flege to ABC 9.

“The whole style, you know, the old Texas style, the steaks, the people, I like this place,” he continued. 

Bobby Lee, co-owner of The Big Texan, says he is excited about the international exposure, and hopes that the feature on the show will encourage international travelers to make a trip to his uniquely Texan business, which has suffered financially due to reduced visitors during the pandemic. 

“It’s one of the biggest German television reality shows in the German market right now. This is like discovery is to an American market, so for them to be on and have the Big Texan, the Texas Panhandle be featured on this it’s going to be a big boost,” Lee said. 

In previous years, international customers have made up 28% of business – a number that is obviously down due to travel restrictions as a result of the pandemic.

Despite the tumultuous nature of last year, Lee says that domestic travelers have really showed up this year – taking a trip along historic Route 66 and making a special stop at his famous restaurant. 


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