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‘Secure Your Load Day’ observance happening across the country this week


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, along with state governments and police forces, are urging drivers to pay extra close attention this week as part of National “Secure Your Load Day.”

While “Secure Your Load Day” is officially observed on June 6th each year, states from Wyoming to New Mexico are observing the load securement focus throughout this week, encouraging drivers to use ropes and straps to keep whatever they’re hauling from flying around. 

In fact, the issue of load securement is so prevalent among motorists, that the Utah Highway Patrol says they received at least 70 calls a day reporting debris in the road – debris that can sometimes have fatal consequences. 

According to the Utah Highway Patrol, in order to properly secure a load, drivers should:

Tie down load with rope, netting or straps

Tie large objects directly to the vehicle or trailer

Cover the entire load with a sturdy tarp or netting

Don’t overload the vehicle

Always double check load to make sure it is secure

Don’t trust weathered or worn straps and bungee cords.

In addition to these tips, officials also advise that drivers maintain an especially safe following distance while hauling materials. 

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