WATCH: Ted Nugent thanks truckers for “kicking maximum a**”

Iconic musician and activist Ted Nugent has teamed up with LiveTrucking to give truckers the rocking thank you they so rightly deserve. 

“Well hallelujah, God bless America, happy spring time from the last best place,” exclaims Ted as he opens the clip. 

“On behalf of the Nugent family and all Americans who appreciate the American dream – I would like to say salute to the truck drivers of America,” he continues. 

“Me and my family are with LiveTrucking. We want to thank America’s truck drivers who work long, hard hours, kick maximum a**, make great sacrifices, so much to keep this nation running and our families fed.”

“Stay safe out there… Keep on truckin’ baby!” Ted concludes with an endearing eyebrow raise. 

Check out the one-of-a-kind clip, below. And thank you, drivers!

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