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Dash cam captures a major merge battle involving a truck driver and a motorist who just won't take "no" for an answer.
Drug smugglers hauling limes attempted to conceal $3 million worth of cocaine by wrapping the packages in photos of limes.  The drugs were found on Thursday, February 22nd inside a semi truck trying to pass through the...

Nearly 5,000 trucks taken off the road during safety blitz

This year, nearly 5,000 commercial vehicles were placed out of service during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's (CVSA) annual Brake Safety Week inspection campaign. 

Company tries self-driving semi in heavy rain. Here’s how it turned out.

"Yes, but how will it handle in the real world?" is the first question many truckers ask when they hear about the latest advancements in self-driving truck technology.

Court rules that truckers must be paid minimum wage — even when they’re not driving

A federal court ruling that took place in Arkansas last month could totally transform the way that truck drivers are paid.

Pilot exec begged to spend Christmas at home. He’ll spend it behind bars instead.

A former Pilot Flying J executive convicted for defrauding truckers will be spending Christmas in a prison cell in spite of his request to spend the holiday with his family.

Multiple closures on 1-10 in Phoenix start this weekend

If you're passing through Phoenix this weekend, make sure to plan ahead for several closures on I-10 that are expected to cause heavy traffic delays.

Drivers who carry — check out this quick draw holster

If you're a trucker who carries a firearm for protection, take a look at this holster designed to give drivers quick access to their weapons.

Volvo issues warning about emissions systems

This week, Volvo Group issued a warning that an emissions control component used in North American trucks "is degrading more quickly than expected."

VIDEO: Texas trooper delivers unmissable message about distracted driving to truckers

Video of a Texas State trooper delivering a heart-rending message about distracted driving to a group of truck drivers has gone viral.

No charges to be filed in Georgia fuel pump shooting

Georgia police say that they will not file charges against a truck driver who shot another trucker multiple times during a dispute at the fuel pumps yesterday.

Comedian gives hilarious and heartfelt thank you to truck drivers

Florida comedian Josh Pray delivers an honest and laugh-out-loud hilarious "thank you"  to the unsung hero of the American economy -- the truck driver.

White House issues statement thanking U.S. truckers

The White House has issued a statement offering truck drivers thanks for the service that they do for our nation as part of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. 

Trucker discovers that his co-worker is also his father

Two Wisconsin truck drivers worked together for two years before they discovered that they were not just co-workers but also father and son.

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