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Trucker parks beneath bridge to break the fall of a man apparently looking to end it all


A truck driver parked his rig beneath a bridge in England recently in an attempt to help out a man who was looking to end his life by falling to the ground below. 

The trucker was traveling on the M62 highway when he noticed a man sitting on the railing of a bridge above the road, reported LadBible. The driver then drive his rig beneath the man and parked, ensuring that the distance between the suicidal man and the ground was substantially less dangerous and demonstrating that someone cares.

While not widely covered on the news, a passerby was able to snap a photo of the situation and spread it across social media, bringing attention to both the heroic actions of the driver and the need for better mental health care. 

“What a trucker – stopping on the hard shoulder and leaving his truck there – to ensure when he did jump – it wasn’t a longer distance to the floor,” one viewer commented. 

“Well done to the lorry driver it brings back some faith in humans, mental health issues are awful and we need better support rather than let it get to this stage,” added another. 

Great job, driver!


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