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Truckers cite “common sense” as most important winter driving tip


A Wisconsin news station recently set out to gather the most essential winter trucking tips, and drivers’ responses might surprise you. 

Reporters with We Are Greenbay News approached truckers and trucking school associates this week to ask for the most important tips for driving trucks in winter weather. The resounding answer? “A lot of common sense.”

“It can be challenging, driving a truck. I think some things are taken for granted,” said Rob Behnke, director of the Truck Driving Program at Fox Valley Technical College.

“People think sometimes that hey, driving a truck is great because you get to be out on the road and I love to drive my car so it should be easy. But there are a lot of things we have to worry about,” he continued, adding that the stress of keeping themselves and others safe compounded with the added stress of icy roadways can feel overwhelming for truckers new and old. He suggests staying calm, taking a deep breath, and using good judgement. 

“You gotta keep your distance, you got to use a lot of common sense, you know you can’t be riding up behind vehicles, over speeding, all that kind of stuff, just got to use common sense,” responded trucker Lonnie Whitfield. 

“Do things more slowly, approach intersections differently, keep your speed at a respectful speed out on the highways – because we don’t know what that surface underneath us truly is,” Behnke continued. 

“Take it slow, you can’t be in a rush, that is just the bottom line. The product will get there when you get there, at least you get there safely,” Whitfield said, adding that this advice goes for any weather in any season. 

Stay safe out there, drivers!


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