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Utah trucking company reimagines driver compensation


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A growing Utah-based motor carrier is leading the trucking industry by being the first to provide drivers with a steady salary.

Drivers Worry Less With True Salary Pay

Salt Lake City, Utah-based trucking company ShipEX has quietly established itself as a career destination for skilled, professional truck drivers, in part because of a pay package that ensures that drivers aren’t always chasing miles for the sake of their paychecks.

Since 2015, ShipEX has provided their drivers with peace of mind and financial stability by offering true salary-based pay, no matter how many miles the driver covers. ShipEX says that they have been able to eliminate a major source of financial worry by paying all drivers a steady $1201 check every week. This means that even if you’re struck by an unexpected repair, a weather-related delay, or if you’re sidelined by an illness, you won’t have to worry about how you’ll pay your bills or fill your fridge.

Drivers who want to earn more on top of the steady check have plenty of opportunities to do so — ShipEX also offers drivers a Productivity Bonus (for those who like to keep the wheels rolling and are motivated to earn more) and a Compliance Bonus (for those who go above and beyond in terms of safety). These two bonuses are paid out on a monthly basis and can bump up a driver’s base salary of $62,500 to nearly $100,000 per year in their first year alone. And monthly bonuses increase with each year that drivers stay with ShipEX, helping them to further maximize their earning potential.

The company says that they are proud to be the first in the trucking industry to provide drivers with true salary pay. In uncertain times like these, the peace of mind that comes with a steady paycheck can’t be underestimated. In the spring of 2020, a freight slowdown triggered by the pandemic left half the ShipEX fleet sitting, but all drivers were still paid out their regular weekly salary, even if they weren’t moving.

Check out ShipEX’s Salary Calculator to get a good feel for exactly how much you could take home.

Truckers Show Off Their Passion With Customized Trucks

If you pass a ShipEX truck out on the interstate, chances are, you’ll do a double take. That’s because the company allows drivers to customize their truck’s color and decals to let their personality shine. After all, ShipEX realizes that the exterior of the truck is a representation of the driver who sits behind the wheel.

ShipEX trucks come in nearly every color of the rainbow and drivers are encouraged to customize their rigs with decals that draw attention to issues that are important to them. The colorful trucks are easy to spot in a row at the truck stop and prove to be a source of personal pride for the company’s drivers.

Here Are Even MORE Driver Perks

ShipEX is also proud to provide drivers with industry-leading driver medical benefits that can save drivers hundreds of dollars per month. In addition to covering 100% of monthly medical premiums, the company also provides gap coverage, which can be a life-saver when a driver undergoes an unexpected medical emergency. One ShipEX driver recently required surgery that came with a $80,000 price tag — but paid nothing out of pocket thanks to his company benefits. As monthly insurance premiums can easily cost drivers $500 or more per month, ShipEX’s medical benefits can ultimately save drivers thousands of dollars each year.

Company leaders at ShipEX say that they ask drivers to abide by a “no chain-up” policy — meaning that drivers are of course asked to carry chains, but they are also asked not to chain up or to drive at all if the weather is bad enough to warrant their use. ShipEX would rather have drivers sit safely parked at a truck stop or rest area than risk themselves on a slick and snowy roadway. This policy combined with salary pay gives drivers extra motivation to stay off the road if it isn’t safe.

ShipEX drivers are encouraged to take some company on the road with them thanks to the company’s free rider/pet policy — bringing a family member or your furry co-pilot won’t cost you a cent.

Check out the video below featuring veteran ShipEX driver Howard Adams as he talks about his experience driving for ShipEX.

ShipEX was founded in 2007 with just one truck and has since grown to a fleet of more than 385 trucks. The company provides logistics services for time and temperature sensitive freight. If you’re looking to join ShipEX’s team of safety-minded trucking professionals, click here to get started.

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