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VIDEO: Trucker walks his way through a drive-thru


A truck driver used his dash cam to film himself walking through a drive thru im this time-lapsed video. 

In the clip, the driver stands in line amongst the cars as he awaits his turn at the drive through – all because the indoor dining room was closed and his truck was obviously too big to fit through the line. He even says one of the cars accidentally bumped him as he waited his turn. 

“Lord that’s fantastic, bet the car behind you was cracking up,” commented one viewer. 

“Actually they hit me. They were looking for something on the floor of their car and accidentally let off the brakes. It was just a bump and I told them I don’t care since I’m not hurt,” explained the video poster. 

“Could have retired early. Lol. But seriously, kudos for not suing if you weren’t hurt. You have some integrity,” added another. 

How many of you have walked through a drive-thru before? And how many of you have been turned away?

Check out the clip of this funny but all-too-familiar unique trucker experience, below. 


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