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WATCH: The aftermath of a double hit and run


A trucker captured the aftermath of a major truck parking lot fail in this video.

“Oops. Somebody failed at parking 101,” the filming driver exclaims in the clip.

“Oh wait, there’s two of them!” he continues.

Both trucks appear to have been clipped on the front left, with pieces of the bumpers scattered on the ground.

Other truckers chimed in about the incident commenting:

“I did that once my second day out of training. It was dark and I thought my tandems had cleared but my dot bumper caught the other trucks front end and ripped it off. I called the police and apologized to the other driver profusely and bought him midnight lunch. We shook hands. If you do something stupid man up to it and then learn from it.”

“The road can be a dangerous place, but don’t get me started on the parking lot!”

“If you hit somebody man up to it on the spot so that simple accident doesn’t turn into a charge.”

“That’s why my dash cam was set to always run. I can go back as far as 16 hours and can usually get plate numbers even at an angle.”

Check out the painful video, below.


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