The Montana Department of Transportation (MDOT) will reopen a pair of rest areas along I-90 next week.

On Monday, May 23, the Quartz Flats Rest Areas located on I-90 between Superior and Alberton are expected to fully reopen following renovations.

The rest areas have been closed for construction since March 2021.

Improvements to the rest areas include:

  • Larger parking areas to accommodate increased truck traffic.
  • New family-style or single-occupancy restrooms with anti-microbial surfaces to help maintain a safe and clean environment.
  • Improved water supply and wastewater systems to increase capacity and reduce waste.
  • Highly durable anti-vandalism materials to increase the lifespan of the new restrooms and reduce maintenance.
  • Improved lighting, safety features, and heating in common areas.

An estimated 2,441 people use the Quartz Flats Rest Areas every day.

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