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This North Dakota trucking company just increased driver pay. But that’s just part of the reason why drivers love working there.


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Great Plains Transport, a refrigerated carrier headquartered in Mapleton, North Dakota, announced a major pay increase, adding to a long list of reasons why drivers who join the company stay for a long time.

Two Ways For Drivers To Take Home More Pay

Great Plains Transport drivers are now earning a weekly base salary of $1,400, thanks to a recent pay increase. The pay bump ensures that drivers are compensated fairly for their skill, hard work, and professionalism.

For drivers who are motivated to earn more, Great Plains Transport also announced increased bonus amounts of up to $2,500 per month. Through the combination of base salary pay plus bonuses, Great Plains Transport gives drivers the best of both worlds, putting them in charge of their take home pay.

You Get Paid To Go Home

Great Plains Transport is proud to be one of the few companies in the trucking industry that actually pays drivers for spending time at home with their families. Even though the wheels aren’t turning, weekly salary pay ensures that drivers are still earning. Paid home time means Great Plains Transport drivers can relax and enjoy time spent at home with family and friends — without worrying about missing out on miles.

Helping Drivers Stress Less

In these uncertain times, Great Plains Transport is working hard to reduce stress and provide drivers with as much stability as possible.

The company is committed to structuring operations to provide drivers with a supportive and worry-free work environment. This means maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere in the office, committing to open and honest communication, and investing in the well-being of each driver. The company’s popular “sack of groceries” program is a good example of how Great Plains Transport is identifying and solving driver pain points in a direct and meaningful way.

One of the biggest worries for many drivers is that they’ll be sidelined by something out of their control and won’t be able to pay the gas bill or afford groceries this week. After the new pay increase, Great Plains Transport drivers earn an annual salary of $72,800 per year, paid out weekly. This ensures that drivers who have an unexpected setback — like an illness or a mechanical issue — won’t have to fret over their paycheck. Other robust driver benefits like medical, dental, and life insurance, paid vacation, and a 401k company match program help drivers stress less and enjoy life more.

In the video below, company president Mike Holland breaks down the innovative salary pay program and how it is helping to improve quality of life for drivers.

See what drivers have to say about Great Plains Transport

In the video below, a Great Plains Transport driver walks you through his experience with the company. He argues that drivers who work for other companies are essentially working for free when they’re fueling, stuck in traffic, or sitting at a receiver, and then details how the Great Plains Transport salary program is an attractive alternative to make sure you’re earning the whole time that you’re working. 

Great Plains Transport is a growing family-run motor carrier founded by a truck driver in 1993. If you’re interested in joining the team as either an OTR driver or an owner-operator in all 48 states, please click here to get started.

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