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WATCH: Blind spot rider or clueless driver?


A motorist took to Reddit to question whether a near-miss incident caught on dash cam was his or the truck drivers fault. 

In the clip, the motorist is moving to pass the semi truck on the left when the driver suddenly signals and begins to get over. The motorist is nearly forced out of their lane, but the truck driver notices the car before it’s too late and swerves back into their own lane. 

“I am not trying to shame the truck driver, I just wanted to know if I was hanging in their blind spot. So I can avoid doing it in the future,” wrote the video poster.

In the comments, other viewers appear to overwhelmingly blame the truck driver for ‘not paying attention.’

“Driver wasn’t paying enough attention. You’re passing at a good enough speed he should’ve seen you coming,” wrote one.

“You’re fine. Truck driver is a dumbass for not checking any of his 3 left side mirrors before lane changing,” added another.

Check out the video below and decide for yourself who is at fault.


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