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‘Winter is coming’ — but not for the truck drivers at this family-owned trucking company


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As truck drivers across the country look ahead to the start of another tough winter, a growing North Dakota refrigerated carrier is working on ways to make sure that drivers not only survive but thrive in the coming cold months.

Fargo, North Dakota-headquartered Great Plains Transport (GPT) has quietly developed a reputation for providing their drivers with thoughtful, common sense solutions for the problems they face as part of day-to-day life in the trucking industry, with an emphasis on reducing stress and providing drivers with stability. GPT’s people-first driver solutions make trucking in the winter safer and less anxiety-inducing.

Earn Guaranteed Salary Pay, Even If Winter Stops Your Wheels

During the winter, ice, extreme cold, and snowstorms can make safe travel difficult or even impossible. Drivers who are paid by the mile often feel pressure to keep operating in tough weather conditions simply because they’re worried about their paychecks.

Great Plains Transport drivers never have to worry about taking a pay cut if they decide to park in bad weather because the company provides drivers with a guaranteed $72,800 base salary — paid out at $1,400 weekly — no matter how many miles they cover. Drivers who are motivated to earn more can take advantage of winter’s milder days by running more miles, earning bonus amounts of up to $2,500 per month.

Check out these videos featuring GPT drivers talking about the way that salary pay provides them with financial security, no matter what challenges they face out on the road.

Keep Warm Without Idling All Night

Great Plains Transport trucks are equipped with Auxiliary Power Units, or APUs. The APUs allow drivers to stay comfortable in the cab during those cold winter nights while cutting down on time spent idling. And since GPT offers drivers bonuses for lower idle times, using the APU can also help drivers take home higher paychecks.

GPT Makes Sure Drivers Don’t Go Hungry

Harsh winter weather can make it harder for drivers to access sit down restaurants or fast food options — they might be snowed in at a rest stop or stuck in traffic caused by an icy pileup crash. To combat this problem, GPT provides drivers with an oversized “dorm-style” fridge to allow them to keep stocked up on meals and snacks in case of a winter emergency.

Additionally, drivers who are just starting out with GPT also receive $50 worth of groceries as a way for the company to show that they are committed to taking care of their drivers not just as employees but as people too. The popular “fill-the-fridge” program has been one of the company’s most appreciated driver perks over the past few years, demonstrating both outside of the box thinking and investment in the well-being of drivers.

Tablets for Work — and Play

While winter can make daily life on the road harder, GPT seeks to make life easier for drivers by providing them with in-cab tablets with unlimited data and hotspot usage for both work and downtime. Drivers can use the tablets for route planning, to keep connected with family members, or even to stream movies or TV shows from the comfort of the cab when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Join the Growing Great Plains Transport Family

Great Plains Transport was founded by a truck driver in 1977 and remains family-owned to this day, operating approximately 300 trucks and 300 trailers. If you’re interested in joining the team as either an OTR driver or an owner-operator in all 48 states, please click here to get started.

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