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Wrecked motorist steals semi when trucker pulls over to check on him 


A truck driver got his truck temporarily stolen after pulling over to check on a motorist in an overturned pickup truck in Tennessee over the weekend. 

The incident occurred on Saturday, September 10th at around 4:30 a.m. in Williamson County. 

According to WKRN News, the trucker was driving along Interstate 65 when he noticed a white pickup truck on its side in the median, so he pulled over to check on the motorist and make sure they were okay. After he got out of his truck, the pickup truck driver suddenly jumped into the truck cab and took off with the rig, leaving the trucker to explain to police what happened. 

“I saw the light heading that way. I thought it was one of you guys out here. I said, ‘Let me see if it is kids or if someone is injured.’ It was a bad choice, a very bad choice,” the trucker said to police in a body cam video.

A short time later, Williamson County deputies and Brentwood police spotted the swerving stolen rig on I-65 north near Concord Lane. Dash cam from a responding deputy shows the truck swerving all over the road and driving on the shoulder before slowing down to around 10 miles per hour. The thief then jumped out of the truck, which rolled across the lanes of traffic and came to a stop on the concrete barrier wall. 

Police eventually arrested the thief, 32-year-old Jamie Edmonson, and the trucker arrived on the scene shortly afterwards to collect his truck. 

“She is my first love, I hope she is alright,” the trucker said as he approached his truck, which was still driveable. The driver was even able to locate the hidden legal firearm stashed behind his seat, which Edmonson thankfully did not find. 

Edmondson is currently in the Maury County Jail and is facing multiple charges, including stealing the $200,000 semi truck.


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