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Flatbed truck driver hits four million safe miles


An Arkansas trucking company recently awarded a long tenured driver for achieving a remarkable four million safe miles in his decades-long driving career.

North Little Rock-headquartered Maverick Transportation announced that driver Kirl Tartt earned a Four Million Miles of Safe Driving award after 33 years with the company and approximately 45 total years of flatbed driving.

The award comes with a commemorative plaque and a $4000 cash prize.

Not only did Tartt achieve four million safe miles, but Maverick says that he has also “tarped over 4,600 flatbed loads, delivered over 6,200 loads and has made over 150 trips around the world with the miles he has driven.”

According to Operations Manager, Lea Lindsey, “I have the upmost respect for Kirl, and I appreciate the things we have both learned from each other over the years. He has taught me a lot along the way, and I hope in some small way I have done the same for him.”

“Kirl is a very hard worker and a loyal employee,” added Operations Manager Van Beck. “He takes load securement and safety very seriously. He will help anyone if they ask for it, or if he sees someone struggling.”


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