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Here’s why truckers are taking SH 130


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Ask any trucker who has driven through central Texas and you’ll hear all about how much traffic and hassle they run into on I-35. The interstate is notorious in the trucking community for heavy traffic, frequent accidents, and costly delays.

Truckers Can’t Afford To Sit in I-35 Traffic

As Texas has grown economically, so has the traffic trouble on I-35 through central Texas. In fact, I-35 has become the most congested road for trucks in the state.

SH 130 was built to help divert traffic, especially for heavy trucks, away from I-35 when traveling through the Austin-San Antonio areas. As the area has grown, SH 130’s reliability and lack of congestion has become more important than ever. Overall traffic along the roadway has followed the area’s growth trend and increased 47% between 2019 and 2022, while heavy truck traffic grew 68%. Economic development east of Austin with the Samsung semiconductor plant and Tesla Gigafactory along SH 130 have accelerated this trend.

Why SH 130? Save Money, Arrive On Time, and Reduce Traffic Tension

With freight traffic increasing out of Laredo, carriers are in need of a reliable route to get their shipments delivered on time, every time. In a world where every mile and minute spent on the road costs carriers money, late fees due to delays and lowered MPG from stalled traffic ultimately add up.

While many truckers try to avoid toll roads, it’s important to remember that time is money in the trucking industry. For fleets opting to take toll roads to avoid congestion, the toll costs can prove more economical than costs associated with delays. On SH 130, fleets can save two to three times the cost of tolls as compared to driving for free on I-35, where they’re more likely to experience crashes and delays that lead to decreased MPG and late fees — meaning that the toll pays for itself.

SH 130 serves as the reliable route through the Austin area with 99% on-time arrivals for trucks vs. only 18% via I-35. Drivers can save up to an hour or more by opting for SH 130 over I-35.

As an added bonus, many truck drivers have found that choosing SH 130 makes for an easier, less stressful driving day. The southern section of SH 130 remains congestion-free at all hours, is well-maintained, and is consistently relaxing and enjoyable to drive, especially compared to the frequent braking and lane changing required along I-35.

Working To Improve Truck Parking Availability

The SH 130 Concession Company is also working with Caldwell County, TxDOT and industry leaders to address the trucking industry’s biggest problem with truck parking by developing and building a technologically advanced truck port along the roadway.

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