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Troopers offer real talk on alcohol possession as an on-duty truck driver


The Iowa State Patrol Commercial Motor Vehicle Unit recently shared a buzzy social media post about the legalities of drinking and possessing alcohol when you’re a semi truck driver.

In a July 7 post, Iowa State Patrol reminded truckers about the legality of having alcohol in your truck.

They said:

Most know this but some do not…if you did not know, alcohol is illegal to possess in a CMV while on duty (unless part of your load and on your bill of lading). Enjoying a couple cold ones while off-duty and staying at the truck stop? Don’t buy more than you plan on drinking – as going back on-duty with them on board is in violation of federal regulation. Always drink responsibly and don’t get behind the wheel while impaired!

Iowa State Patrol says that having a beer in your truck’s fridge while you’re on-duty could result in a $135.50 fine and a CVSA out of service order.


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