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Watch as trucker’s family reunites with truck stop dog from viral video


Many members of the trucking community shared video of a lost dog over the past week in hopes of helping bring him back to his trucker owner. Now the owner has been identified and you can see the emotional video of the truck driver’s family coming to pick “King” up and take him home.

According to WGN9, in late September, truck driver Brandon Weh was doing a pre-trip at a truck stop in Romeoville, Illinois, when his 5 year old dog King escaped from the cab and vanished. Weh looked for King but was unable to locate his co-pilot. Dispatch called and Weh was forced to leave the area without King.

Local animal rescuers captured video of King howling and appearing to look for Weh. King later was rescued. Rescuers knew that he belonged to a truck driver but were unable to figure out how to locate him. They created a video with the heartbreaking footage of King howling for Weh, which was shared more than 1 million times.

Trucker Lost Dog PLEASE HELP
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The video made it all the way to a trucker Facebook group that included Brandon Weh’s wife Tinnea Weh. The family commented on the video and connected with the rescuers. The family arranged to pick up King at Romeoville Animal Control.

Photos and video shared by animal rescuer Deb Liden capture the sweet reunion of King with Tinnea Weh and the couple’s children. Check it out below.

“It was a beautiful reunion, not a dry eye in the house. Shout out to McKenna Vaira at @romeoville animal control for letting all us crazies in to see King off to his family!! They drove 5 hours to get him and everyone is SO HAPPY! This was the most famous dog we ever worked on and it was because of all of YOU sharing his reel! It was a Hail Mary, and it worked! King is now microchipped and him and his sister are getting spayed and neutered!! WHAT A RUN WITH THIS GUY! He is CLEARLY loved and he clearly LOVES his family. thank you to all that had a part in this recovery and to everyone that shared his video!! IT TAKES A VILLAGE, but in this case it was NATIONWIDE. Great job all!!” Linden said in a social media post.


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