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WATCH: Pickup truck drives straight into flatbed trailer that ran red light


An oblivious pickup truck driver runs straight into a flatbed trailer that ran red light in this dash cam video. 

In the clip, a car uninvolved in the collision is in the left lane heading towards an intersection with quite a bit of road left when the light turns yellow. A semi truck in the right lane then appears to gun it and starts barrelling towards the intersection as the light changes to red.  

The rig then plows through the red light as a pickup that apparently failed to look before accelerating for their green light drives straight into the trailer. The flatbed rig then appears to keep on driving, leaving the pickup driver to figure out what he should do next. However, his brake lights come on and the video poster confirms in the comments that he did eventually stop. 

“Fortunately, he did stop!” the video poster wrote. 

“Always check both ways when YOUR light turns green. Never assume it’s clear to travel across any intersection,” commented one viewer. 

“Right. While legally the little truck was correct in proceeding, I was a bit surprised that he did so when there was no indication that the semi was slowing down. Stay alert people,” added another. 

“The semi truck literally passed in front of the crossing car (truck) and they still drive directly into them lmao. Wtf? Usually the t bone happens to the green light driver lmao [sic].”

Watch the video for yourself, below.

This is why I’m scared of Semi Trucks. [oc]
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