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Driver blocking scales sparks debate over filming ‘Karen’


Truck driver blocking scales sparks an internet debate over whether or not the female driver recording was totally justified or took it too far. 

In the clip, a driver just got done with the scale and is apparently adjusting his tandems in a spot blocking others from using the scale when a female driver walks up to him to scold him for his selfish choice. 

“The idiot who got off the scale and went in and got his ticket is wrong as rain,” wrote one CDLLife App member on the subject. “He should have parked in a spot and done what needed to be done and none of this would have happened. The new school of trucking.”

“The recorder is a sh*t bag because the guy isn’t disrespectful to her. So what if he made adjustments in front of the scale? We have all done something like this,” wrote another CDLLife App member. 

Watch the video for yourself and decide, below. 


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