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Driver smuggled migrants for “friend” since his GF was off the truck


Truck driver finally smuggled migrants for “friend” now that his girlfriend was no longer traveling with him, he told border patrol agents.

The incident began when truck driver John Wayne Peay pulled up to the Interstate 35 border checkpoint in Texas at about 3:25 p.m. on March 21st.

According to the Laredo Morning Times, agents first became suspicious when they asked Peay if anybody else was inside the sleeper with him and he hesitated. Agents then noticed Peay watching the K9 agent very closely, right up until the dog alerted to possible contraband inside of the sleeper. An agent then requested that Peay open the side door from inside of the sleeper, and agents soon discovered four migrants hiding inside.

Peay was arrested, and told agents during an interview that a “friend” had met him at a convenience store and asked if he could give some friends a ride to San Antonio prior to getting caught. Peay told agents that this was the second time the “friend” had asked for the favor, but that he had declined the first time because his girlfriend had been riding with him on the truck.

Peay later admitted that he had texted the “friend” on March 20th, after his girlfriend had gone back home, to say that he was willing to do the favor for $2,000. Peay has been charged with transport, attempt to transport and conspire to transport migrants.


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