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Lamborghini totals bobtail semi truck during street race


Lamborghini totals bobtail semi truck during a street race in Seattle in this dash cam video. 

In the clip, a trucker is traveling along Interstate 5 in Seattle at night when he is suddenly hit from behind by a Lamborghinin traveling at very fast speeds. 

The force of the impact sends the bobtail semi truck spinning into the concrete barrier, cracking it, as another white sedan spins in front of the truck and a Corvette speeds past. 

In the final frame of the video a black car, the Lamborghini, comes into view. 

“Happened back in 2022. No license plate, other than the one that said “Texas”. No insurance info at the time of accident.

From what I gathered, he was one of those Russian/East European rich kids (maybe IT, maybe daddy’s car) that are supposedly aplenty in Seattle,” explained the video poster. 

“He was drunk, and when I asked him what happened, he simply said, “I couldn’t catch the angle”. Meaning, he was racing that other white Corvette, and apparently was trying to change lanes at the last second, but due to his DUI state wasn’t able to calculate.”

“He was also lucky to stay alive,” the truck driver continues. “They had to cut him out of the car. He was bleeding from his left arm, but otherwise was adequate enough to explain or at least communicate with the police.”

“Huracan CP, according to the police report,” the driver continued. 

“Lucky him to hit the back of a bobtail and not a trailer, a Lamborghini would have slide right under and they’d never find his head. he probably doesn’t even realize,” commented one viewer. 

“Did the corvette that he was racing stop as well?” asked another viewer.

“A few hundred yards down the road. Full of drunk girls,” the trucker answered. 

Watch the video for yourself below.

Got rear-ended by a Lambo. AMA
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